It facilitates contact between volunteers, participating organisations and National Agencies/SALTOs. It complements other ongoing support offered by the Sending, Receiving and Coordinating organisations before and during the service period. The Training and Evaluation Cycle of volunteers consists of the following: − on-arrival training (EVS of 2 months and longer); − mid-term evaluation (EVS of 6 months and longer); − annual EVS event − pre-departure training Volunteers have a right and an obligation to attend both the on-arrival training and the mid-term evaluation sessions and the participating organisations must ensure that their volunteers take part in the TEC, which is considered an integral part of the voluntary service.

In addition to the EVS Training and Evaluation Cycle, volunteers receive continuous counselling and guidance before, during and after the service period, while training for project managers, mentors and trainers adds up to a complex set of measures, accompanying volunteers and participating organisations throughout the European Voluntary Service experience