EuroPeers UK is an initiative of Momentum World.

EuroPeers are young people who have travelled to other countries to study, get work experience, or take part in education or youth projects.
They inform, motivate and support other young people to get involved in these life-changing activities.
They also promote Erasmus Plus in the UK.

What They Do…

EuroPeers encourage and motivate young people to take part in international projects, by telling our own stories about living in other countries and why this is such a great thing to do.

Alexandra Person, from Germany participated in a one year EVS (European Voluntary Service) at High Oak Youth and Community Centre. As a result of her successful EVS and the time she spent travelling in the UK she then chose to study at a University in Scotland and to join EuroPeers to share her experience and inform other young people about the opportunities that are available to them. Here is just one of her Facebook updates relating to EuroPeers…